Deer Stags brand is born. Osceola Shoe Company, owned by the Page family, begins producing slip lasted comfort shoes for men and women.


Jack and Hy Muskat begin selling shoes for General Shoe Company (now Genesco).


Jack and Hy start JHM Associates. In a letter to wife Elaine, Jack writes “wish us luck–we’re on our way.”

JHM Associates is renamed Dunbar Boot Company and pioneered the manufacture of genuine cowboy boots in Spain. They enter into an exclusive contract with Acme Boot Company (then the largest boot maker in the world!) to produce a new line, branded Dan Post. Dan Post becomes a top brand of cowboy boots in America.


Glen Shoe Company is formed as an off-shoot of Dunbar, focusing on men’s dress shoes.


Michael and Phil Muskat join Glen Shoe.


Rick Muskat join Glen Shoe.


“The Nature Shoe by Glen”, the first negative heel shoes available thru conventional stores, is launched.


“Natural Shoe Stores” launched, 12 stores in 3 countries.


Howard Weiss joins Glen as General Council/Vice President, and is the mastermind of comfort technology systems. Howard becomes full partner in 1989.


Steve Muskat joins Glen Shoe.

Glen Shoe enters into an exclusive footwear license agreement with Paramount Pictures for “Saturday Night Fever” resulting in an exciting line of disco shoes for men and women featuring John Travolta promotional tie-ins to the smash hit film.


“The Jazz Oxford (Glen…and All that Jazz)” is launched.


“On Wheels” roller skates are introduced, catching the roller disco craze.

Glen signs another exclusive footwear license agreement with Paramount Pictures for promotional tie-ins to other Hollywood films and TV hits including:

  • Grease
  • Star Trek
  • Mork and Mindy
  • Superman, Wonder Woman and various Warner Bros. superheros

The agreement results in Glen producing an innovative line of children’s shoes featuring the Grease Car Shoe (Greased Lightning) and other promotional tie-ins to the movie.

Deer Stags, a new line of slip-lasted comfort shoes made from Genuine Deerskin, is introduced and sets a new standard as comfort shoes begin to dominate the market. Sold through department and specialty stores, this collection becomes wildly popular and widely copied by other brands.


Glen enters private label sourcing business, developing and sourcing product for major national brands.


Jack Muskat passes away.


Glen Shoe develops Somersaults, the first “stitch and turn” shoe.


Glen Shoe introduces Switch, an innovative line of interchangeable zipper shoes and is recognized by the National Shoe Fair as the most innovative product of 1986.

The management team of Glen Shoe acquires the Deer Stags Brand from Osceola Shoe Company.


Glen Shoe becomes Deer Stags, Inc.


Deer Stags becomes major national brand of men’s comfort footwear


Michael’s daughter, Alison, joins the company.


Danny Muskat (Rick’s son) and Darryl Hall (Steve’s son) join the company.

DeerStags.com, the company’s first website launches.


Deer Stags introduces a women’s line of shoes.


Deer Stags introduces S.U.P.R.O. Sock® Technology.


Deer Stags introduces the TIMES, a plain-toe oxford featuring our patented S.U.P.R.O. Sock® which quickly becomes the best-selling dress casual, according to the NPD report. At current, Deer Stags has sold over 4,000,000 pairs of this style.

Deer Stags is named “Vendor of the Year” by Bob’s Stores, JC Penney, and Mervyn’s.

Deer Stags women’s shoes introduced on QVC.


Oh…DEER! is launched as a fast-fashion women’s line of shoes.


Rick’s daughter, Jeni Muskat Klein, joins the company.

Deer Stags continues to increase its market share as the #1 brand of men’s dress casual footwear in the national chain stores.

Oh…DEER! brand hits department stores, specialty stores, QVC, etc.

Deer Stags women’s shoes featured for the first time on QVC as a stand alone show.

Deer Stags acquires license for Nick-It brand shoes.

New Deer Stags web site launches.


Michael’s son-in-law, Brian Leitner, joins Deer Stags.

Deer Stags launches an infomercial, selling its patented S.U.P.R.O. Sock® shoes direct to consumers.

Deer Stags introduces Slipperooz™, a line of men and women’s slippers.

Oh DEER! is featured on DAILY CANDY and appears in major consumer magazines.

Oh DEER! appears on the Today Show, Entertainment Tonight, and Access Hollywood.


Jake Muskat, Rick’s youngest son, joins Deer Stags.

Deer Stags sells Slipperooz on national TV.

Oh DEER! appears in TV shows such as The Hills, Laguna Beach, and Desperate Housewives.


Oh DEER! is introduced to the Home Shopping Network.

Deer Stags ships the 2 millionth pair of best-selling TIMES oxford.


Deer Stags’ 3rd generation team works with Two Ten to form the Young Professionals for Two Ten initiative and host a kick-off party at Gallery Bar, NYC.

Deer Stags raises $15,000 for the Two Ten Footwear Foundation.

Deer Stags employees participates in Citicares on Martin Luther King Day.

Rick Muskat named Membrship Chairman of FDRA, Footwear Industry’s Trade Association.

Deer Stags acquires licensing for Foot Petals Footwear.

Rockadelic, a young man’s fashion footwear line, is launched.


Deer Stags Concepts moves its flagship office into the heart of the Flatiron District.

Alison Muskat named board member for Two Ten.

Deer Stags raises $30,000 during the 2nd Annual Young Professionals for Two Ten Party.


Steve Muskat leaves the company.

Howard Weiss passes away.


NoSoX™, a casual, active lifestyle brand, is launched.


Deer Stags Prime is launched.


Rick Muskat named Vice-Chair of FDRA.

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